real estate staging and prep tips before taking photos of your home

  1. Clean & Declutter: This is probably common sense but I'll say it anyways. A prospective buyer needs to be able to imagine themselves as the owner of that home, and that's hard to do with a lot of clutter. Another downside is that the more stuff you have, the smaller your room will look.

  2. Windex Windows & Mirrors: Watermarked windows & mirrors show poorly in images.

  3. Change Blown Out Light Bulbs: Photography is largely about lighting-especially so for real estate. Not to mention having 2 out of 3 bulbs out in the bathroom just makes it look unkempt. 

  4. Hide Personal Photos: If you have personal family photos above the fireplace or hanging on your wall, it's best to take them down prior to shooting.

  5. Cars: If you have street parking in front of your house, try to park your own car there the night before. That way, you can move it right before so we can get an unobstructed shot of the front.

  6. The Outsides: This is often times the most overlooked aspect of a home's staging for photos. Remove the random toys and trash that somehow always finds its way onto your lawn or into your backyard. 

Room Specific Tips

  1. Bedrooms: Make the bed and tuck away all personal items into the closet and drawers. If you have a walk-in closet, disregard the closet part of that statement because a walk-in is a key feature and should be shown if possible.

  2. Bathrooms: Tuck away all the toothbrushes and other personal hygiene products e.g. shampoos, bath & hand towels, etc.

  3. Kitchens: Another key room in the house which deserves special attention. You probably don't realize how cluttered your kitchen looks until you see a photo of it. Hide everything that doesn't need to be on the counter away e.g. coffee maker, pots and pans, toaster ovens, oven mitts etc. 

  4. Garages: Almost every single garage I've seen was cluttered and that's okay. A picture from the outside showing that it is a 1, 2, or more car garage is plenty enough. 


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